Under what circumstances is a valve positioner needed?

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  1. Situations where the friction is large and precise positioning is required, such as high temperature, low-temperature control valves or control valves using flexible graphite packing.
  2. Situations where the response speed of the control valve needs to be increased, like adjustment systems for parameters such as temperature, liquid level, etc.
  3. Situations where the output force and cutting force of the actuator need to be increased, such as a single seat valve with DN larger than or equal to 25 and a double seat valve with DN larger than 100; when the pressure drop across the valve is larger than 1 MPa or the inlet pressure larger than 10 MPa.
  4. When the split-range adjustment system and the control valve are operated, it is sometimes necessary to change the air opening and air-closing forms. 
  5. Where it is necessary to change the flow characteristics of the control valve.